aalia ki baodi


This baodi is located in Fatehabad, near the Koshak Mahal. Two inscriptions,
found fixed on the east side of the baodi, reveal that it was constructed during
Gyasuddin Khilji’s reign by his shariq-ul mulk Malik Ladin and that besides this
baodi, a garden, a grand palace and a mosque were also built nearby.
The seven verses in Persian have been translated as follows:
In the reign of the king, Gyasuddin Khilji, lord of fortunes, at Fathabad, Chanderi, this
splendid palace was built.
What an impressive and glorious structure, like Paradise, this is! Ridwan is envious of
its splendour and beauty every minute.
What a palace it is, that contains a baodi as well as a paradisiacal garden. Its waters are
the very fountain of life.
Malik Ladin, who is the leading light of the majestic sky and minister of time, is the builder
of this mansion, garden and step well.
He is the minister; the dastur of the kingdom, nazir and sahib and, for his magnitude, his
title from the king is shariq-ul mulk.
The year from the Migration was two and two and nine hundred, and month of Duahil
Qada, when the construction of this palace was completed by the benevolence and mercy
of God.
Oh Danyal, now end this speech with the prayer that may the builder of this stately home
find pleasure and enjoyment in life forever.