ghaze miyan ka mela

Ghaze Mian ka Mela is a fun filled festival which takes place at the Shehzadi ka Rauza on the last weekend of the month of Jesht. Not much is known about its history and relevance or about Ghaze Mian, the man after whom it is so named, in spite of this, it is celebrated with […]


  Celebrated a day after Raksha Bandhan in the Hindu month of Bhadrapad, the festival of Bhujariyaan immortalizes the brother-sister relationship. Brothers and sisters give each other a fistful of parched wheat which is subsequently sown into an earthen pot. After nine days, the dainty wheat stalks are collected and exchanged. This is followed by […]


Dolgiyaras is celebrated in the month of Bhadon by the Hindus. Devotees gather in the main bazaar with miniature statues of all gods and goddesses on their shoulders. The procession then heads towards the Parmeshwar pond for jal-vihar which entails sprinkling of holy water on these statues by the Brahmans.