Not of much interest structurally, the Masjid-i-Usmani is of much historical importance. It is the first mosque in Chanderi which has the building and inscription both intact. It is the earliest among all extant mosques based upon the inscription found installed. Located in the Sadar Bazaar area of the town, the mosque has been dated […]

Narsimha Mandir

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s fourth incarnation, Narsimha, who is also known as Moolnayak. The temple is located below the Kirti Durg, near the Choubisi Jain Mandir. Although the devotees consider it to be of ancient origin, the structure of the temple appears to be of the Bundela period.

Phuhariji Temple

Located near the Khooni Darwaza, main doorway of the Kirti Durg fort, the temple is on a spur of the Chandragiri hill. The only inscription within the temple is no longer legible but it is known to have been constructed during the reign Medini Rai. This place also commands a comprehensive view of the city. Close […]

Lakshman Mandir

Situated near the Parmeshwar Taal, the Laxman Mandir is said to have been built by the 7th Bundela king Anirudh Singh in the 18th century. However, some of the sculptures and the carving on one pillar indicate a much earlier origin, possibly of the Gurjara Pratihara period. The Sheshanag is main idol of the temple.