The palette of the inhabitants of Chanderi is assorted, corresponding to their faith, caste and social standing.  Brahmans, Banias and Jains satiate their hunger by gorging on elaborately prepared vegetarian food including Daal Baati, Kheer – Poodi, Aalu subzi, Guja Papariyan and Karhi – Chawal.   Dhimars, Ahirs, Kolis and Khatiks are more partial to Maheri (a traditional dish made […]


The town of Chanderi is home to Hindus, Muslims and Adivasis; the culture of each being distinct from the other and yet very similar in certain respects. Their constant intermingling has fostered the creation of a composite culture solemnized by communal harmony. Spread over an area of 18 square kilometres, the town of Chanderi is […]

Guru Purnima

Celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan, Guru Purnima is a commemorative festival in which pupils pay homage to their deceased gurus as well as ones who are alive. It involves the preparation of a huge banquet that is laid out in the many temples of Chanderi. Devotees throng temple halls and pay homage to […]


Vimanotsav is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by the Jain community Of Chanderi. It is celebrated in the month of Bhadon by the Hindus while the Jains celebrate it in the month of Kuar. The Hindus gather in the main bazaar with miniature statues of all gods and goddesses on their shoulders. The procession […]

Rang Panchami

Legend associated with this festival claims that Lord Ram Chandra crossed Chanderi in the month of Phalgun during his thirteen year long vanavas and sanctified the land.  To this affect, Rang Panchami is celebrated five days after holi in the month of Phalgun on a hill top at Karila. The celebration begins at dusk with […]