The winters in Chanderi are pleasant with the temperatures ranging from 18°C – 5°C and light occasional rainfall. They last from November till February which are the best months to visit the place. The summers, starting in March, are very hot and dry and the temperature during the day can go as far up as […]

Location & Landscape

Situated in northern Madhya Pradesh, India, Chanderi lies on the 24°42? North latitude and 78°8? East longitude. The terrain is rugged and undulating, and the town itself lies on the edge of the Malwa plateau at 360 metres above sea level. It is located in a trough surrounded by hills of the Vindhyachal Range that […]

Natural Resources

Located on the Malwa plateau, the major natural resource at Chanderi is sandstone which is quarried in its hinterlands.  Wood from the forests in the vicinity is another source of income for the area but unchecked deforestation and over-grazing has led to serious depletion of the forest cover. Among other forest resources, are bamboo, gum, […]

Flora and Fauna

With the largest forest cover among all the five tehsils of the Ashoknagar district, Chanderi is a place rich in both flora and fauna. Teak, Sal and Bamboo are the main indigenous species of the region. The forest also provides shelter and essential habitat for a wide range of wildlife. However, in recent years, the […]