ghaze miyan ka mela

Ghaze Mian ka Mela is a fun filled festival which takes place at the Shehzadi ka
Rauza on the last weekend of the month of Jesht. Not much is known about its history
and relevance or about Ghaze Mian, the man after whom it is so named, in
spite of this, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Families gorge on an assortment
of sweetmeats and seasonal fruits like gond ki mithai, halwa and watermelon. This
festival holds special significance for newlywed couples. On the first day of the
mela, newlywed women immerse their husbands’ sehras in the Parmeshwar Pond.
On the second day, the girl’s side invites the boy’s family for a picnic followed by
kite flying, this program is traditionally called ‘bagh mein jana’.