Celebrated a day after Raksha Bandhan in the Hindu month of Bhadrapad, the
festival of Bhujariyaan immortalizes the brother-sister relationship. Brothers and
sisters give each other a fistful of parched wheat which is subsequently sown into
an earthen pot. After nine days, the dainty wheat stalks are collected and exchanged.
This is followed by the usual distribution of sweets and gifts. The Adivasis
also celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm; Adivasi men gather at the
Hauz Khas talab in Bahar Shahar and perform a special dance known as the Bhujariyaan
dance nine days after Raksha Bandhan. With peacock feathers in one
hand and dandia sticks in the other, they dance away to glory on the rhythmic
reverberations of the pipa, rumtula and dholak