qazion ki baodi

QazionKiBawdiSituated near the Purana Madarsa, this baodi or stepwell was built in 1485 by Qaziibn-
Mehran under orders from the then ruler of Chanderi, Sher Khan.
The well is circular and two staircases descend to the well from opposite sides.
There are two arched entrance bays and these are flanked by two inscriptions.
The inscriptions inform us that four constructions were carried out during the
reign of Sher Khan Ghazi. These were: this stepped baodi, a palatial caravanserai,
a mosque and a garden known as Aatishay Namrood.
No vestiges of the garden remain and only ruins of the rest house can be seen.
However, the step well and the mosque have survived.
The first inscription, on a tablet fixed to the right of the stairs leading from the
west, consists of eight couplets.
Written in Persian in Naskh, the text reads as follows:
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Praise is to God who has made water the source of life and gave from water grades to the
things of the universe.
He has in the same way imparted such lustre to the face of the prophets that they lead the
whole world towards Paradise.
He also made people generous from it so that they may practice generosity for the house
of the Prophet Muhammad.
Everyone practiced generosity according to his ability, in the reign of a king whose indication
is such:
in the time of the Khilji king, Sultan Ghiyas-i Din, when the muqti in this land was Sher
Khan, who is like Ali, Qazi ibn Mehran, in the hope of seeing the face of the Prophet, built
a stepwell, a mosque and a garden for the sake of God.
God guided him, and gave him courage to build this beautiful and bright structure.
Although there were innumerable stepwells in this region, all were dry and of no use.
Qazi, through the bounty of the Glorious God has attained success and sufficiency. And
may he remain forever through the true faith of men of aspirations.
No one has seen such pure water. For this region, the bounty of the generous God is sufficient.
The sweet water is like sugar and honey. The date of the completion of this work is eight
hundred and ninety.
Oh God! Through your favour, accept his (builder’s) intention and grant him the mediation
of the Prophet on the day of Retribution.
Every learned man who will read this poem of memento, should pray with is heart, saying,
‘Oh Creator God!
Protect the faith of the man who has constructed this enduring well from the deceit and
mischief of Satan.’
For this good deed, it is hoped of the favour of God that his good action will be accepted.
The helpless Mohammad, son of Khwaja, has composed this, and hopes that men of understanding
will pray for his faith